Case Craft
Case Craft
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Catalog of packaging

For years of activity the «Case Craft» company realised the hundreds of design solutions of the gift packaging. The majority of the packing samples for various products is presented in the catalogue. The catalogue is divided by the functional aspects depending on what the case is intended for and what item will be packed into it.

For many years our company succeeds to produce the cases for


medals and decorations

porcelain and glass ware

figurines and antiquarian items

as well as alcoholic drinks.

The chocolate, corporate gift sets and business gifts can be packed into the cases as well. These samples are collected in the section named "cases for corporate gifts".

In the separate section of the catalogue the wooden coasters, plaquettes and souvenirs are presented.

In all sections of the catalogue you can get acquainted with variants of shapes, materials, cradles and types of covers and locks. In each separate case our managers will pick up the samples gift packaging tailored to your concrete order.

We are eager for experiments and the unique packing will favourably underline your gift!